Walter Everton, a Recording Engineer and Multi-instrumentalist, honed his skills as an Audio Engineer on a variety of projects at Indiana University, including a reading of arrangements of Cole Porter songs sung by Sylvia McNair, and the the Horn Department’s Gliere Project. Walter also engineered/produced the sessions and editing for the winners of the 2016 Latin American Music Center Recording Competition. As a Production Assistant in the Recordings Arts Department of the Jacobs School of Music, Walter gained experience in quality-checking recordings, technical assistance of programs, and logistical assistance of setup and teardown.

    While at Indiana University, Walter recorded over 30 major concerts of the various performing ensembles. Those recordings included surround recordings of the Philharmonic Orchestra’s and Oratorio Chorus’s performance of Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem in 2014 and the Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.1 in 2016. Additionally, Walter recorded NOTUS’s concerts in the Spring of 2017 in surround. Walter engineered the Jacobs School of Music Opera Department’s Die Fledermaus (Fall 2015) and was a member of the Double Exposure collaboration between IU’s Media School and Jacobs School of Music in 2017. Furthermore, as an independent project, Walter produced/engineered the New Music Ensemble’s Spring 2017 recording sessions. Finally he finished his degree as an intern with Paragon Studios in Franklin, TN, where he learned some of the many aspects of post production.

    Initially admitted as a Recording Arts major Walter was subsequently accepted as a double-major in Horn Performance his sophomore year, where he studied with Professor Richard Seraphinoff. Walter most notably served as Principal with the Wind Ensemble (Fall 2016) and as Assistant Principal (Spring 2017). Walter was also a performer on the Horn Department’s Gliere Project with his studio under the direction of Richard Seraphinoff. In the Summer of 2016, Walter performed with the Summer Philharmonic which performed music of John Williams under conductor Stuart Chafetz and music of Don Freund, Leonard Bernstein, and Jean Sibelius under conductor Thomas Wilkins as well as with the Summer Band.

    Walter received two degrees in four years — B.S. in Recording Arts (2018) and B.M. in Horn Performance (2017) from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.